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  • Vanoffee Dark from the Raw Chocolate Company
  • Vanoffee Dark from the Raw Chocolate Company
  • Vanoffee Dark from the Raw Chocolate Company
  • Great Taste Award for Vanoffe Dark Bar from the Raw Chocolate Company

Vanoffee Dark

66% Cacao

Organic | Vegan | Fairtrade | Gluten Free | Kosher

A smooth and luxurious temptress. Not too dark, not too light, just right! Building on the foundation of the Vanoffee bar, we add extra cacao to make the best of both worlds.

22g Bar
Case of 18 x 22g Bars
£23.22 £20.99
44g Bar
Case of 12 x 44g bars
£23.88 £21.85
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  • Fairtrade
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Soil Association
  • Vegan

Winner of 1 Gold Star in the 2015 Great Taste Awards!

Our Chocolate is vegan, gluten free, cane sugar free and soy free. It is also free from a lot of other things that don’t need to be there. Cacao is amazing. It has fabulous properties, that make us smile, feel great, sensuous and happy. We don’t want to dull those effects with anything.

The Cacao and Cacao butter we use is Organic and Fairtrade for all our bars. It is better for you, better for the producers, better for the whole world.

We spend a lot longer than most Raw Chocolate manufacturers grinding the Cacao and blending the ingredients. This helps to give you the silky, superfine, sensuous Chocolate luxuriance without compromising on ingredients, impact on your body or the environment.

Ours is a very human process. We care and love our Chocolate because we care and love you all. Everything is hand made in small batches, moulded and packed by hand in the hills just outside Brighton on the south coast of the UK.

These are the basics. We add supreme ingredients to our bars to provide extra sensory interest, nutrition and flavour. 

Vanoffee Dark ingredients: virgin cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, cacao mass, lucuma, vanilla, May also contain nuts, Made in UK

Lucuma is a wonderfruit from Peru adding a biscuity, malty sweetness.
All our cacao ingredients (cacao butter, cacao nibs and cacao powder) are fairtrade, organic and sourced from Peru.  Our Coconut Palm Sugar is from Indonesia – a long 
chain sweetener made from the nectar of the Coconut flower which has a butterscotch undertone.

    per 100g  per 22g serving
Energy kcal 572 126
       kJ 2378 523
Fat g 41.5 9.1
        of which saturates g 27.1 6.0
Carbohydrate g 44.6 9.8
         of which sugars g 25.8 5.7
Protein g 5 1.1
Salt g 0.6 0.1
Vanoffee Dark from the Raw Chocolate Company


Chris's picture
Vanoffe Dark is my go-to comfort bar: smooth, crisp and creamy and with that extra bit of cacao. Neither sweet nor bitter. Love the care and attention that goes into the making of these bars and of course the ethics of Fairtrade and sustainability!
Mim's picture
I like the Raw Chocolate Vanoffe Dark chocolate bar because of the combination of the sweetness of the vanoffe and the depth of flavour that the chocolate gives it. I've been trying to decide whether I like this bar or the Raw Cacao Confection Vanoffe best, but I can't make up my mind! I think I'll have to have another piece...
Nia's picture
I cannot get enough of Vanoffe Bar. It snaps when you bite into it and melts in your mouth and the sweet yummy taste lingers....its true alchemist perfection! there really is nothing quite like it. i wish i could make it. id eat it every day! :O what am i saying...I do eat it everyday :D heheeee
Debbie's picture
Vanoffe dark is my favourite. Goes perfect with a cup of salted caramel green tea.
Christy's picture
Vanoffe dark is just perfect with a latte and ten mins peace after the kids are in bed x
John's picture
A rich sweet tasting treat with the warming sharp kick you get from a good dark chocolate. Great as an afternoon pick me up.
Sofia's picture
Bought these and was so happy I did. I love raw chocolate but unfortunately many brands are quite bitter BUT NOT THIS ONE!!! Soooo smooth and creamy and perfectly sweetened! Aaah seriously going to have to restock soon lol just wish they were sold in the US :)

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