Silky Coconut Crunch with Raisins - Limited Edition

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    • Authentic vegan chocolate with dessicated coconut and raisins - in compostable film.

      Silky Coconut Crunch with Raisins (45g)

      66% Cacao Solids
      Every month we release a new Limited Edition bar or snack and would love your feedback!  The most popular bars will make it into our ever expanding, popular range of raw chocolate bars.  This month we have a sweet, crunchy treat, very easy to eat -  coconut chocolate with desiccated coconut which adds a satisfying crunch, and a handful of oh-so-sweet Turkish raisins.

      It proved to be very difficult to make! The raisins sunk to the bottom of the chocolate and our chocolate elves had to use long ladles to get them out to ensure an even distribution in each bar..


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