Gogo Raw Fudge

Our Golden berries are on offer at the moment so go get a bag - or 2, you may find you want to snack a little as you work. It is so decadent it should be illegal but is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals and is so moreish I was advised by one family member not to leave it out!

WARNING: I strongly advise you do this alone in the privacy of your own kitchen with no family members around or there could be an unseemly scrimmage to scrape out blender, bowl and utensils before you've even finished - and that should be your privilege!


1 Cup melted Cacao Butter - Tip: place the tub in a bowl of hot water while you get everything else together

1 Cup Maple Syrup

1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract

pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt

2 Tsp Raw Lucuma Fruit Powder

1 Cup Cacao Powder

1 Cup Raw Sweet Apricot Kernel Butter (see earlier recipe)

1/2 Cup Raw Golden Berries

1/2 Cup Raw Goji Berries

Few Squares Pitch Dark


Blend all ingredients except the berries and Pitch Dark. I tried this in a small flask blender, but it didn't work and I ended up transferring to a food processor, but a high speed blender is best. You need to work quickly before it starts setting.

Transfer to bowl and stir in berries and some grated Pitch Dark.

Spread in a lined 8x8 tin, grate some more Pitch Dark on top and refrigerate for half an hour - if you can wait that long!

Break into bite-size chunks, it is quite rich so a little goes a long way

Tip: clean up as you go along, the cacao butter and fudge batter set quickly so wipe up any drips straightaway and put blender, bowl and utensils to soak as soon as you're done with them, saves elbow grease later and gives you more time to indulge before you have to let in the hungry hordes.

Utterly amazing, you have to try it!

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