Chocolate Protein Shake

vegan | gluten-free | refined sugar free

This started off as a way of getting 20g of protein in quickly after a bike ride. It has turned into a gloriously chocolaty thick shake, enjoyed by many and still good after a workout. To optimise your work outs and get the most out of them, get 20g protein in you within twenty minutes of finishing. If you’re a real endurance athlete have 20g an hour and half before a workout too. You may not have enough time to make them look as great as this, but they certainly will make the effort worth it :)
Makes 1 large glass of thick shake. 
• 1-2 Bananas
• 300ml Coconut Water/ Nut Milk / Water
1. Put the liquid in the blender first.
2. Add the banana and powders.
3. Blend. Add more liquid if it is too thick.
4. Drink within 20 minutes of your workout for maximum benefit.
5. Or, decorate with melted chocolate, chocolate sauce and scrummy toppings 

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