Salty Chocolate Hazelnuts (Limited Edition)

    • Vegan Organic Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts 

      **Limited Edition** Salty Chocolate Hazelnuts 

      Organic raw chocolate coated roasted hazelnuts. Cocoa solids: 66% minimum.
      Every month we release a new Limited Edition bar or snack and would love your feedback!  The most popular will make it into our ever expanding, popular range of raw chocolate bars. 
      Massively more-ish chocolate coated  hazelnuts with a pinch of sea salt and a dusting of cacao powder. These should come with a warning, as once you open them we pretty much guarantee you won't be able to stop without a huge amount of willpower!
      Sizes available: 100g, 450g and 1kg.
      Try not to eat the whole packet in one go!

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