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  • Coconut Sugar from The Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate

Coconut Palm Sugar

Indonesian, Granulated, 230g

Organic | Vegan

Coconut Palm Sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut flower. Sort of like honey, but without using bees! It has a deliciously rich, rounded, caramel-like sweetness. 

230g pouch
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  • Gluten Free
  • Soil Association
  • Vegan


Our natural Indonesian Coconut Palm Sugar resembles brown sugar and has a rich, rounded caramel like sweetness. It is a delicious and sustainable alternative to cane sugar. Use as a substitute for white or brown sugar in any recipe.

The Food and Agriculture organisation of the UN has named Coconut Palm Sugar the single most sustainable sweetener in the world! Our Coconut Palm Sugar is harvested three times a year by tapping the coconut palm flower in the tree top and collecting its delicious nectar. After collection, the nectar is boiled, and then granulated. No coconut palms are being cut down in this process, making it a sustainable alternative to cane sugar.

Coconut Palm Sugar adds a rich depth of sweet flavour to desserts and baked goods.
It does not have a specific coconut flavour making it a really versatile sweetener in a wide range of recipes. In fact, you can use Coconut Palm Sugar in exactly the same way as you would cane sugar.

May also contain nuts


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    Serving per 100g
Energy kcal 376
       kJ 1597
Total fat g 0.1
        of which saturates g 0.1
Total carbohydrate g 91.9
        of which sugars g 86.6
Protein g 1.2
Salt g 0.2
Organic coconut palm sugar by the Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate

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