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Cacao Powder

Origin: West Africa,  180g 

Organic | Vegan 

Our raw, un-dutched Cacao Powder has a dark and full flavour. It makes a fabulous  addition to your smoothie or shake. Great in puddings, in baking and cooking. Try making your own chocolate!

180g pouch
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  • Vegan


Voted Best Value SuperFood in 2017 Men's and Women's Running Awards

Our Cacao Powder is made by grinding up Cacao beans (seeds of the Cacao fruit, which grow on the Cacao tree), then extracting the pure oil (Cacao Butter) in a cold-pressing process. The result is a silky smooth powder with deep dark sensual notes of flavour, perfect for all your chocolate recipes, smoothies and super creations!

Chocolate Alchemy
One or two spoonfuls of Cacao Powder can transform many recipes into delicious chocolate treats. Add to smoothies, raw cakes and desserts… and of course make your own raw chocolate.

For a quick raw chocolatey fix:
Mix the following ingredients together in a bowl with a spoon: Your favourite nut or seed butter (almond, brazil, hazelnut, tahini), raw honey or agave syrup, a pinch of salt, a couple of teaspoons of Cacao Powder. Eat as it is, or spread on rice cakes or flax crackers. Delicious!


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May also contain nuts

    Serving per 100g
Energy kcal 309
       kJ 1300
Total fat g 9.5
        of which saturates g 6.1
Total carbohydrate g 29
         of which sugars g 1.5
Protein g 26.8
Salt g 0.08
Organic cacao powder by the Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate

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