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Super foods for you to make your own chocolate, smoothies, breakfasts and more!

Raw Cacao Nibs from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 150g pouch
  • 6 x 150g pouches
    £26.94 £24.99

The food of the Gods - Fairtrade, Organic, Sun-dried Cacao Nibs from the Peruvian hillsides. Great added to cereals, salads, desserts as well as in baking or mix with berries and nuts for an awesome snack.

Organic Acai Powder from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 80g pouch
  • 6 x 80g pouches
    £89.94 £82.99

Our intrepid flavour explorers have tracked down Acai (pronounced ass-ai-ee). Known as 'the wonderberry of the Amazon' it has a dark, rich flavour with a hint of Blackberry and Chocolate. Add to smoothies, porridge or sprinkle on cereal.

  • 230g pouch
  • 6 x 230g pouches
    £35.94 £32.99

Raw Hemp Protein Powder is a complete source of organic plant protein. Very high in protein – 47% - use in baking, or blend into juices & smoothies. We like it mixed with our Cacao Powder as a pre-workout blend

  • 230g pouch
  • 6 x 230g pouches
    £35.94 £32.99

Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds are a delicious, nutty flavoured, easy to digest source of protein. They have a satisfying, creamy taste and blended with water they make Hemp milk! Sprinkle liberally onto salads & cereals, or blend up in smoothies.

Raw Lucuma Fruit Powder from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 180g pouch
  • 6 x 180g pouches
    £50.94 £44.99

Made from Peruvian Lucuma Fruit, it makes a great natural sweetener. The most popular dessert flavouring in Central and South America! Add a spoonful to desserts and smoothies for a delicious, subtle, malty sweetness. Marries perfectly with chocolate, vanilla and banana!

Coconut Sugar from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 230g pouch
  • 6 x 230g pouches
    £26.94 £24.99

Coconut Palm Sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut flower. Sort of like honey, but without using bees! It has a low glycemic index and resembles brown sugar. It has a delicious rich, rounded, caramel-like sweetness. Use as a substitute for white or brown sugar in any recipe.

Raw Golden Berries from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 150g pouch
  • 6 x 150g pouches
    £44.94 £40.99

A few years ago, our intrepid jungle explorers found just ten Golden Berry plants with the most delicious taste. These have been nurtured and carefully cultivated so that we can now bring you this rainforest treat! Super sweet, then super sour, they'll have your tongue dancing, and you too!

Cacao Butter from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 240g tub
  • 6 x 240g tubs
    £47.94 £43.99

Cacao Butter is the edible fat extracted from the raw cacao bean. It is a delicious ingredient in raw chocolate & dessert making, as well as great on porridge. 

  • 180g pouch
  • 6 x 180g pouches
    £25.14 £22.62

Our un-roasted, un-dutched Amazonian Cacao Powder has a dark and full flavour. It makes a fabulous high protein addition to your smoothie or shake. Great in puddings, in baking and cooking. Try making your own chocolate!

Sweet Apricot Kernels from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 150g pouch 50% off!
    £4.99 £2.49
  • 6 x 150g pouches 50% off!
    £29.94 £14.89

These Turkish Sweet Apricot Kernels do a mean almond impression. They are related to almonds, only smaller and with a more interesting flavour profile. Warning: exceedingly more-ish! We recommend adding them to cereal and puddings or taking them on long walks. And then eating them.

  • 230g pouch
  • 6 x 230g pouches
    £23.94 £22.69

Used for millennia, Chia Seeds are neutral in flavour and swell up in water. High in protein, try them with lime juice and a sweetener, stirred into a glass of water for a refreshing drink.

Raw Goji Berries from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 150g pouch
  • 6 x 150g pouches
    £44.94 £41.99

Our sun-dried Chinese Goji Berries are cherry-like in flavour. We have spent years tracking down these juicy, tasty sweet sour berries. They make a chewy, succulent snack, great sprinkled in salads, on desserts and in cereals.

Raw Mulberries from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 150g pouch
  • 6 x 150g pouches
    £35.94 £32.99

Our sun-dried Turkish White Mulberries are sweet, tasty and chewy as toffee yet totally natural. The perfect sweet snack that's good for you and your kids, mulberries are delicious sprinkled on desserts, cereals and in baking.

Protein Shake Box from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • £30.94 £28.49

Make your own clean post work out protein shake with our tried and tested recipe: 

30g Hemp Powder 
20g Cacao Powder 
20g Coconut Sugar (you can use more or less as you like) 
Water/nut milk 

Breakfast Box from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • Breakfast Box
    £40.44 £36.99

6 magic ingredients to make your morning meal a whole lot more out, you might want it for breakfast, dinner and tea!


Hot Chocolate Box from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • Hot Chocolate Box
    £30.32 £27.99

Here are all the ingredients you need (minus the milk - that might be messy!) to make delicious Raw Hot Chocolate!

Included in the box are
2 x Cacao Powder 180g
2 x Coconut Sugar 230g
2 x Pitch Dark Bars 44g 
Our fabulously funky Raw Chocolate Company Mug
Our own recipe for deliciously Raw Hot Chocolate!

Chocolate Box from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • £34.94 £29.99

Make your own chocolate with the contents of our chocolate box. For a very special price you get 2 bags of Raw Cacao Powder, 2 bags of Coconut Palm Sugar and 2 pots of Virgin Cold Pressed Cacao Butter. Here's the recipe, or experiment and make up your own! 

Raw Trail Mix from The Raw Chocolate Company
  • 32.94
    £32.94 £29.99

Make your own fabulous, energising, nutritious trail mix!

In this mixed pack you get creamy shelled hemp seeds, crunchy hyper intense raw cacao nibs and caramel, chewy mulberries. Mix 'em up for adventures and just getting you through the day!

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