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       Chocolate that's good for you!


    vanoffe dark    
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Our Raw Chocolate bars are delicious and exceedingly nutritious. We only use natural ingredients and pour as much love into each bar as possible. They are all lovingly hand made just outside Brighton in small batches.

You probably know that chocolate can be full of amazing polyphenol, nutrients and minerals. Conventional production methods destroy most of these so we have set out to retain as many as possible through our unique low temperature production method. This preserves as many of the nutrients as possible, which we have enhanced even further by adding some really super supreme ingredients!

All our products are sourced from small farming operations. Where possible we source Organic and Fairtrade.

Linus, our Choco Wizard in Charge, has scoured the world and undertaken years of research to bring to you six superb flavour combinations in two sizes the traditional 44g size and our new handy snack size 22g Mini Bar.

We recommend you take yourself somewhere quiet and enjoy these bars slowly!

For chocolate aficionados and connoisseurs we have Pitch Dark and our Goji Berry & Orange Bar. Both have a very high raw cacao content and are the ultimate in chocolate intensity.

For the purist, Pitch Dark allows your tongue to fully explore the many different sub-flavours available.

Conscious not to over power the senses, we have delicately complimented this rich dark Raw Chocolate with Raw Goji Berries and orange essence in our Goji Berry & Orange Bar.

Organic Pitch Dark Ingredients:
Cacao mass, coconut sugar, cacao butter

Organic Goji Berry & Orange Ingredients:
Cacao mass, coconut sugar, cacao butter, Goji Berries, orange oil.

Dark Raw Chocolate flavours can be intense for some people, so we have produced two bars for those that enjoy the creamy luxuriance of a white chocolate or milk chocolate bar but ours are vegan! Vanoffe and Vanoffe Dark.

Vanoffe is smooth and velvety and uses Peruvian Lucuma Fruit to sweeten it, married with natural Vanilla to bring you a truly sublime treat. If gold was edible this is what it would taste like.

Vanoffe Dark is a naughtier version, with added cacao. It is hard to believe that this bar is so good for you, as it tastes so naughty.

Vanoffe Ingredients:
Cacao butter, Lucuma, coconut sugar, Vanilla.

Vanoffe Dark Ingredients:
Cacao butter, coconut sugar, cacao nibs, Lucuma, Vanilla.

Lastly we have created two No added sugar Raw Chocolate bars with xylitol to sweeten them and orange or mint essential oil to give them their fresh and fruity flavours.

No Added Sugar Dark Raw Chocolate with xylitol & Mint or Orange with 70% dark Raw Chocolate and beautifully clean crisp flavours, these bars refresh the palate as well as being an indulgent treat for those that want to avoid sugar altogether.

Mint refreshingly lush and sumptuous.  Orange citrus succulent and satisfying.

Mint or orange flavoured no added sugar Raw Chocolate Ingredients:
Cacao mass, xylitol, cacao butter, mint oil/orange oil.

Nutritional Information

Typical Value

100g % 100g
Energy (kJ) 1695  
       Kcal 397 19.8%
Protein 5g 9.9%
Carbohydrate 34.6g 11.5g
Fat 40.2g 37.8%
Fibre 2.1g 8.3%
Iron 1mg 5.4%
Magnesium 234mg 58.6%
Calcium 37mg 3.7%

% recommended daily allowance based upon a 2000 kcal diet



  all our ingredients are ethically sourced. our cacao and cacao butter comes from small-scale growers in south america. as we use natural ingredients there may be slight differences in taste from batch to batch.   what goes into our


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